club history

KELAB SHAH ALAM SELANGOR - This elaborate architecture beauty so sturdily structured and resting majestically atop the 12-acre hill, granted by the Selangor State Government, is a dream come true for His Royal Highness, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Hishamuddin Alam Shah. His Royal vision had crystallized and was in concrete form before His Royal Highness. From its ideal hill-top location sited opposite Istana Kayangan, it overlooks the picturesque vicinity and the sight of the State Mosque with its majestic blue Dome and tall minarets.

At night, one can feast ones' eyes on a glowing and glittering view that lends a unique ambience and enchantment to its silhouette, enshrouding it in a mantle of exclusivity. It hosts a wide variety of amenities beneath its regally shaped roof that resembles a Bugis Headgear that gives the Club a distinct identity.Should one be driving along the Federal Highway between Klang and Kuala Lumpur, one cannot fail to see this distinct landmark on top of the hill. At night, it serves as a beacon in the dark, serving as a guide to familiar and unfamiliar souls traversing the highways. To construct a Club of this stature, aimed to blend with the surrounding nature, 10 consultancies, comprising of architects, surveyors, engineers, designers and Club operators were pooled and from these enriched sources, the best in creative ideas was culminated to create this masterpiece.

The design and concept was researched and obtained from Indonesia by the Protem Committee assigned to oversee the project. This mammoth project took off when the Selangor State Development Corporation undertook the conceptual and initial designing through to construction. Panji Alam were engaged as the main contractors whilst The Public Works Departments and Juara Consultants handled the piping and wiring works. Raja Zulkifli Tun Uda were appointed as the structural engineers and for the foundation to be laid out, Zakaria Lee and Partners were engaged for the task at hand and finally, in order to bring out the desired interior furnishing, Azizamas Interior Designers were assigned to cultivate a majestic ambience.

The present plush interior of the Club bears the testimony of their combined efforts. Finally, to exude that refined finish, local materials were used in the construction of the Club which was built over a duration of two years and six months at the cost of RM25 million.

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